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Cecil.G.G. Dandridge

Yes. His first name was Cecil. That’s about as far as I have been able to find out. However, the LNER archive may reveal more.

In the meantime be content with this link, although I am determined to find out more about this individual.

The problem with relying on research with Google is that it is dependent on what has been uploaded. It is far too easy.

In my time as a student one went to the actual library and requested the librarian to access the book or file, the physical thing. I will need to contact the LNER people to find out more. There must be more about Cecil. And what does G.G stand for?

Thoughts on lettering

Carved lettering

These are pieces I made some years ago. The first is a sort of sign for what I do, cut in limestone and coloured.

The next is a simple stone bench. It was made from limestone with slate insets. The text is from TS Eliot. The channel was filed with copper leaf and patinated, something which became a signature item for pieces I make.

Elements of Lettering

Elements of lettering – 3

Here we start with the O – the most basic of the capitals, and probably the hardest both to draw and carve. Symmetry is the key here – although there are many other ways to draw an O, some of which will be recorded in future blogs. Anyhow, to get started with the classic Trajan O please refer to the illustration. (Click to enlarge).

Typographic ephemera

Typographic ephemera – 2

Another image from the Modern Typography number of the Monotype Recorder: