Typographic ephemera

Ephemeral – at the year’s end

This was made by a dear friend of mine, now passed. It was printed in 1998. Perhaps there could be a revival in 2011?

Elements of Lettering eric gill lettering, typography, alphabets, stonework

An artist is…

From Pattern and Design, Lund Humphries, 1948. Click. Click again.

calligraphy lettering lettering, typography, alphabets, stonework Typographic ephemera

more 3D lettering

These were roughly cut from Pine and then hand finished. I forget when they were made, but probably in the mid 1990s. The box was Pine too.

alphabet History of Lettering lettering

Enough said

alphabet Elements of Lettering History of Lettering lettering Typographic ephemera typography

Super R’s

Taken from Baseline, a magazine published by Esselte Letraset in the early 1990s. This from the 1990 edition (I think – can’t find a date). The first is a woodletter, so big that I can’t fit it all on the scanner (the magazine’s page size is 265mm by 355mm) and comes from c1865.

The next from Felice Feliciano of Verona, about 1460. Magnificent! Finally an old friend – Albertus.









eric gill

Shocking World of Eric Gill! Shocking! Shocked!

In 1989 Fiona MacCarthy’s biography of Gill was published. It became immediately notorious in the British press for highlighting some of Gill’s sexual preferences, as well as incest with his daughters. This cover is from the magazine to the Independent newspaper, then one of the best papers in the UK. Sadly it has sunk to nothing more than a tabloid gossip sheet. The drawing ┬áis a self-portrait and comes in a letter he wrote to daughter Betty from Army camp, August 1915.

As MacCarthy writes in the article: “Sexual energy spilled over into everything he [Gill] touched.” She records that Gill kept meticulous diaries and it is only in these that the real Gill is revealed, since his Autobiography is, she says, ‘charmingly misleading’.

A full copy of the Independent article is available as a PDF on request.