eric gill

What did Eric Gill sound like?

Surely there is a sound recording? I would love to hear his voice. Does anyone know? And yes. I have looked on the BBC site for sound archives and nothing.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

4 replies on “What did Eric Gill sound like?”

Stumbled across your website when looking for pictures of Pigotts which I found very interesting.
Coincidentally I found a BBC radio documentary the other day in which he’s talks very briefly about his work; to me he sounds like a simple west countryman but then it’s not much different to the accents I remember growing up on the south coast before everyone became more estuary.
Anyway, link below, about a minute and a half in:

Thanks Matt for the link. I’ve yet to have a listen but will soon and post some comments. I am very grateful for you taking the trouble to respond and thanks again for your kind words. I certainly found my visit to Pigotts one I will never forget. Kind regards John

Hi Again Matt. Having listened to the sound archive I believe the voice you describe as Gill (about 1m30s in) is actually that of Joseph Cribb, one of this assistants and a fellow letter-carver. Sorry to disappoint you! The elusive search for Gill’s voice continues. Kind regards John

Really? Well, I’m kind of glad as the voice didn’t seem to suit the idea I’d had in my head. Sorry for the wild goose chase, hope you found it as interesting as I did though.

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