Thoughts on lettering Wikileaks

WikiLeaks and freedom of expression

Ok, this has nothing at all to do with lettering. But in a time when so called democracies shut down an internet site because they cannot think of anything else to do; when so called democracies seek to trump up charges against an individual because they run frightened; then it is time for all of us to shout ENOUGH. I had heard that the WikiLeaks domain name had been ‘withdrawn’ by its Californian host because of so-called ‘cyber attacks’. Attacks presumably driven by US intelligence. When it was suggested a CH address had been opened I went there to be told by Safari that

Safari Icon

Safari can’t open the page.

Safari can’t open the page “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding. [but see below – updated 4/12/2010]

F*** me. What is going on! Perhaps the US intelligence, run by President Barrack Obama, a Noble Peace Prize winner, can explain that. Perhaps they will shut me down for being such a rebel….

And when you read such tripe from the right-wing UK press such as this

ones heart sinks. But remember the Daily Mail is about as Fascist as you can get in Britain without actually being charged for Treason. As a journalist I find myself disgusted at how naive other journalists can be. But I have to remember that they sold their souls long ago.

We have entered, almost unknowingly, a new paradigm. Hello world without frontiers – this is democracy folks. Get used to it…

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4th – WikiLeaks site now available again at

Note – The image is the rear of a headstone I carved: the sentiments are appropriate.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

2 replies on “WikiLeaks and freedom of expression”

THANK YOU! I’m tired of people endlessly pondering whether Wikileaks should be shut down or not, whether it’s dangerous, legit, or whatever. Here in France the politicians coined a splendid oxymoron, calling Assange’s initiative “transparency totalitarianism”, which is complete nonsense and drives me mad every time I hear it (quite often actually, as the media are relaying the phrase with an obvious delight).
So, once again, thank you for stating your opinion clearly and firmly.

(Completely unrelated: What a great blog you have! I was very happy to find a blog on stone carving. I spent one week learning the basics of stone carving last summer and I loved it. It really renewed the way I see, feel and think letters. So please keep on posting on the subject, it’s fascinating!)

Nothing to do with WikiLeaks. I have only focussed on the lettering elements of your wonderful blog. I have, so far, passed links on to my Fb pages, where I am sure I first saw your 3D letters, and will also make mention in my next posting. I have subscribed to your feed and look forward to seeing more.
More power to your elbow.
Cheers. Bill

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