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Helvetica and Univers lead poll, so far

Surprisingly. Maybe not. I did say the most ‘influential’, so perhaps this is not so surprising. There is plenty of time to vote (closes end of month) and to make things more interesting it would be good to receive feedback as to why some of you consider these sans as being so influential. (A vague word which can be bent to many different meanings.)

I also plan to award a small prize/gift to the most INTERESTING response. This gift will be some goody from my typography collection, and sent post free anywhere in the world.

For those who dislike, even hate, helvetica do follow up on these links. It’s a face that certainly brings out the best and worst in typophiles!

there are many others, but those two give a flavour.

Where are the serif fans? Or was the late 20th century purely straight up and down?


By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

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