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Cricket and Typography

Please forgive this moment of indulgence. I live in Australia but am English by birth and, though I am now fortunate enough to have dual nationality, when it comes to cricket and especially the Ashes, I cannot but cheer for England.

Today, at five minutes to twelve noon, here on the east coast of Australia, England retained the Ashes series by an innings and millions of runs. Now I understand that for readers who, a) do not follow cricket. b) do not understand the dread rivalry between these two countries in this sport, this post will come as something of a dud.

However, I took this screen grab of the moment the Ashes victory was flashed on to the scoreboard at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is not the greatest of pictures (I took it with my camera pointed at my TV) but for me it is priceless. And the reason it is here? Well. What typeface is that?

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

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