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Stone carved alphabet by Eric Gill

I am a letter carver, among other things, and I thought I should return, albeit briefly, to that passion. These illustrations come from a little booklet first published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in 1928, although I have the revised edition of December 1938. The booklet reproduces a number of alphabets, but this one here was cut by Gill in Hoptonwood stone in 1927, with the exception of U, the text states, “which Mr Gill kindly recut in 1938”.

One reply on “Stone carved alphabet by Eric Gill”

Hei John,
Really nice to see this rich vein of lettercutting blog; I had tried to contact you, without success. Call or email if you have an opportunity. We are setting up a painting & letter carving studio workshop on a farm at Braidwood, near Canberra.
All the best now,

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