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Cecil Dandridge – more information comes to light

Following the earlier post (see here) about Dandridge, the LNER and brand design, I sent a query to the LNER Encyclopaedia Forum, a site were enthusiasts discuss aspects about the railway company. I posted a query regarding Dandridge and received this response.

“There is plenty to read in relation to Cecil Dandridge in the L&NER Magazine. He wrote a regular page, headed ‘Advertising Notes’, following his appointment to the post of Advertising Manager at the beginning of 1928.

For a taster here is the announcement of his appointment, which is also accompanied by his portrait, from the magazine of March 1928:

MR. C. G. G. DANDRIDGE, who has been appointed Advertising Manager as from January 1, 1928, in succession to Mr. W. M. Teasdale, became London District Passenger Manager early in 1926, prior to which he had held the position of District Passenger Manager, Manchester, as from August 1, 1923. Mr. Dandridge commenced his railway career in 1905 in the General Manager’s Office of the Great Central Railway. He qualified by competitive examination for the Great Central Railway training scheme, under which he obtained experience in various sections of the operating and commercial departments, and was also for a time on the staff of the Locomotive Running Superintendent, the Stores Superintendent and the Portmaster. During the War Mr. Dandridge served as a Traffic Officer, and subsequently as D.A.D.R.T. with the British Army in France, while in 1918 he was appointed to take charge of the Traffic Department of the Archangel Northern Railway (Russia) with the rank of Major, R.E. He afterwards served as D.A.D.R.T. with the Railway Mission in South Russia, and there gained experience of the working of the Russian railways under quite abnormal conditions. When the Railway Mission terminated he was appointed District Traffic Superintendent of the Anatolian Railway, Turkey. On his return to England Mr. Dandridge was appointed Assistant District Traffic Manager, Great Central Railway, Manchester. It will thus be seen that Mr. Dandridge, in taking up his new duties, brings to bear upon them a ripe and varied experience.

Dandridge remained Advertising Manager until 1945, combining that duty with those of the Asst. Passenger Manager (Southern Area) from 1942 and Passenger Manager (Southern Area) from 1944. From 1945 he held the latter position only.”

My informant, known only as 61070, tells me DADRT stands for Deputy Assistant Director Railway Traffic.

I will be following up on the magazine.

4 replies on “Cecil Dandridge – more information comes to light”

I have a originall line drawing of Cecil dandridge signed by eric Gill , most probably done whilst Gill was designing a typeface for. Liner which was commissioned by dandridge.

Hello john , I will have a go but not sure how to move it to get on this site . What’s ap would be simpler . Regards sally

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