Brand design History of Lettering lettering

Stamp design – Australia style

I posted a while back now (see here) on the typography of the postage stamp. (Other posts here)

Yesterday I caught this radio show on the ABC about design trends and history of design in Australia – apparently Australia is in the forefront of design, being the first country to develop the peel and stick stamp for instance.

If you are interested in hearing more this is the link to the podcast:

“In Trends today we’re looking at the design of a product which some of you might think has a finite future: the postage stamp.

In this age of email, how long is it since you stuck a stamp on to an envelope? I honestly can’t remember. Yet since the profile bust of Queen Victoria appeared on the Penny Black in 1840 stamp design has continued to evolve, and Australia has set trends that the world has followed.”

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