Thoughts on lettering

Updike and Fell

Updike’s Printing Types is one of those books every student of typography should have on their shelves.

It should still be available as a paper cover (I think Dover put it out). The copy illustrated here is a hard cover, 2nd edition, 2nd printing. As I was browsing through I noticed the peculiarity of the cap G on the dust jacket, with a little spur coming off the leg.

The cap T is also shorter than the other caps in the line. Which made me think these were Fell types.

John Fell left a great legacy of type to the Clarendon Press, Oxford in the late seventeenth century. Stanley Morison wrote about this in John Fell in the late 1960s. It cost 25s when new. My copy cost about pounds 200 when I bought it about 20 years ago.

It is a superb production – presswork and illustrations of the highest quality. It also confirmed that the Updike dust jacket is printed using Fell.

The Fell book also contains many other wonderful type specimens. Among them these:

NB – please go to this link for some more information, and how to download Fell types to your computer.


By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

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