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Albertus advertising poster

Albertus, designed by Berthold Wolpe between 1932-1940, is a face I much admire, coming as I do from a stone-carving background. In fact, the face was first cut in metal by the designer, not with a chisel but outlined and then the metal cut away around leaving the letters raised. As Wolpe said: “This makes for bold simplicity and reduces the serifs to a bare minimum”.

This advert is from the late 1950s. 

One reply on “Albertus advertising poster”

I recently purchased two sizes of foundry Albertus Titling and have been eager to put them to use. I certainly never had to be told to admire it. Do they make them like Berthold Wolpe anymore? No, I don’t think they do. Incidentally, I’ve been seeing Albertus quite a bit on the roadside lately in signage for companies selling everything from tires to pizza. Guess I should be delighted to see it at all!

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