S.L. Hartz and Juliana

S.L.Hartz rates just one page in Sebastian Carter’s Twentieth Century Type Designers (Ist edition, 1987) yet, as Carter himself suggests, his work is unduly neglected. I was reacquainted with Juliana by an article I chanced upon in the 1958 issue of the Penrose Annual. (For those new to this blog please search for other posts that mention Penrose, possibly the greatest printing annual ever produced, and in letterpress of course.) Here Hartz was writing on An Approach to Type Designing at a time when the designer still drew letters by hand (at each size) and had to co-operate with the punch-cutter,who translated those drawings into metal suitable for die making. At the time he designed Juliana Hartz was general art director at the great printing-house of Joh. Enschede en Zonen in Haarlem, Holland. He had succeeded Van Krimpen (see here for a post about him and Spectrum), but was more of an engraver and stamp and banknote designer than typographer. Nevertheless Juliana is a pleasing face, apart from those squared ‘dots’ over the lower case i.

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Juliana is a wonderful font. There is a recent digital version available from The Font Bureau in Boston, USA.

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