Skip lettering – that’s right…

I saw this lettering done, I think, by ribbon welding on a skip the other day. Love its rawness.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

2 replies on “Skip lettering – that’s right…”

Hi John, I recently completed part time study in Welding at the local TAFE, (every Wednesday night for four years), a great experience.
Being a lover of all things callighraphic, I soon became accutely aware of the amount of ‘ribbon’ lettering used in the industry, in all manner of fonts, & relaying all sorts of information.
The lettering would rarely,(if ever), be set out prior to executing same.
From my observation, usually straight from the Artisan’s mind via the MIG welder onto the ‘work’.

Thanks Colin for your mail. I’ve been looking out for other examples. It’s calligraphy but without the ‘thinking’.

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