Brand design lettering

Bookjackets and lamentable typography/design

The bookshop is ‘dying’, so it is said, as the iPad and other tablet devices make inroads into the way the ‘printed’ word is spread and read. Is it any wonder when this example demonstrates the pitiful design skills currently seen? Garish colours and ugly typography combine to make a stand that resembles something one might see in a supermarket aisle for washing powders. But then these ‘bestsellers’ are little different from those powders – use once and dispose.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

One reply on “Bookjackets and lamentable typography/design”

Follow Baskerville’s example and print only good stuff? But if it’s rubbish the public demands, it’s rubbish they deserve. What’s just to the trade, perhaps, is gracious to the people, but ultimately good for all.

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