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Brody, Neville

Neville Brody and I share the same birth year. 1957. I didn’t realise that until today when, tucked inside a copy of Jan Tschichold’s An Illustrated History of Writing and Lettering (1946 – and about which I will write soon), I came across an article written about him in the Sunday Times Magazine, dated May 1, 1988.

He was then 31 and a star. Indeed the Victoria and Albert Museum was to open an exhibition, The Graphic Language of Neville Brody. Such was his status, akin to a pop star, that the magazine commissioned Snowden to take his portrait, shown here.

The article concludes with comment from David Hillman, himself a great typographer, who said: “I’m surprised he’s done enough to merit an exhibition. He’s got to prove that he can move on. You grow very old in this business. Your’re an angry old man if you’re 18”.

Brody is quoted: “What I’d prefer to happen is that everything went anonymous again”.

Neville, if you read this, you done well.

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