Typographic ephemera

Libanus Press and Symposium of Plato, 1986

I was fortunate enough in 1989 to be commissioned to write an article on the Private Press movement in the UK for the Financial Times of London, where I worked as a sub-editor. I say ‘commissioned’ though I think I probably hassled the Arts Editor into the piece since I was then operating my own press (The Beeches Press) and was keen to make contacts among the ‘great’ presses run full-time in the UK.

Among them the Libanus Press of  Michael Mitchell at his workshop in Marlborough, Wiltshire. He kindly sent me a bundle of printed leaflets and prospectuses, all immaculate and beautiful, among them this announcing the publication of Plato’s Symposium with engravings by Peter Forster.

The edition was limited to 340 bound copies, using Jan Van Krimpen’s Antigone and 12 pt Lutetia.


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