History of Lettering

Sunday’s with a vintage Penrose

There’s nothing better than spending a fine summer Sunday with a Penrose. Often when I’m preparing a light lunch I’ll pull out one of the Penrose Annual’s and have a browse while something’s simmering on the hob. Today I had the 1964 volume out, blew off a covering of dust, and at the back, among the advertisements (which are often the greatest source of delight) came across this. It’s for GF Smith & Son (London) Ltd of 2 Leathermarket, Weston St, SE1, though the firm had branches too in Hull (Lockwood St) and Birmingham (Gazette Buildings, 168 Corporation St). The purpose of the ad was to promote a cover paper (Caslon Duplex Bright White/Blue Ripple, for the record); but that’s subsidiary to this typographic gem.

[If, like me, you love a Penrose click here for other posts.]

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