Typographic ephemera

Shameless self-promotion in the digital age


CHECK OUT WEBSITE               www/

In my 30s I published under the Beeches Press imprint, using a Monotype keyboard and caster and printing letterpress on a Western proof press. The books I published were strictly limited editions, took months to produce and distribute. This was a labour of love. 

Recentluy, under The Laughing Cavalier imprint, I published my first ebook on Amazon – a novel written a few years ago, sent to agents and publishers but not taken up. (How dare they!) Writing was a labour of love, the novel taking two years plus to write, then edit, then redraft etc. The publishing was a pain in the neck as I had to take a crash course in formatting for Kindle (and being a Mac man that was a serious pain), having decided that the 90 day exclusivity agreement authors are bound to on iTunes was too restrictive.

The process, however, was a lot easier than I anticipated and after several trials I succeeded in getting up a version that looks OK in e-ink. (And thanks to the free software that’s readily available, such as Calibre.) One lesson I learnt was keep the formatting simple, no fancy fonts etc. So I started with Baskerville and ended up with, yes, good old Times New Roman.

Now the self-promotion bit.

Do visit Amazon at and take a look. If you like what you see please rattle your pockets and put any loose change that falls out into supporting the author…this author…tell your friends. It is a digital world…

That’s the end of the self-promotion bit (and that’s the cover).

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