Looking, really looking at letters

This post inspired by a small prospectus for Intimate Leaves from a Designer’s Notebook by John Ryder (art director, Bodley Head, 1957-1987), published by Gwasg Gregynog in January 1993. I did not subscribe to this volume (priced then, ordinary binding at pounds 75), much fool me – I guess 75 notes was a lot back then (still is – though the edition is now priced at pounds 200). However, the prospectus (measuring 22cm x 14cm) has this illustration, and this accompanying text by Dreyfus: “I do admit that all Zs ‘look alike’ until you look at them. And this attention to detail is an essential part of heightening awareness. Just as E.M. Forster’s name is evoked by the words ‘only connect’ (an idea firmly entrenched in the English language), I would like this design plea ‘only look’ eventually to share that distinction”.

From Gwasg Gregynog, a descriptive catalogue of printing at Gregynog 1970-1990, come these beautiful devices.  For those unfamiliar with the press please go here

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