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When Linotype ruled the world

They were like Apple and Microsoft, two giants of the printing industry slugging it out. I refer, of course, to Monotype and Linotype. How the mighty are fallen. These illustrations are from 1957 when Linotype really did rule the world – offices and manufacturing in all parts, some expected, some least expected. Take note both Apple and Microsoft – you may rule now but in half a century, who knows.

2 replies on “When Linotype ruled the world”

As a young woman in the early sixties I had a boyfriend who was a sub-editor on the local rag. I often visited him in the late evenings (he worked all night), not only to see him but to watch the linotype machines. Huge clattering complex machines like typewriters from Hell, spewing hot lead.
I shall never forget it. Computers are pale little miseries compared to such machines, clanking and crunching their way through the alphabet.

As a Monotype man (or boy actually) I was always a little in awe of Linotype and their flashy newspaper connection. Of course the hot lead was the same (especially when it came splashing out in the general direction of one’s face) but the scale of those Linotype was nothing short of epic.

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