Typographic ephemera

Something anonymous for this August weekend

Taken from The Art of Lettering by Albert Kapr (1983), K.G.Saur, Munchen – English translation from the original first published 1971. The design is attributed to a US graphic artist. The date on the man’s helmet is June 23, 1967. Anyone have a clue what this poster is about?

3 replies on “Something anonymous for this August weekend”

The poster relates to the June 23, 1967 LAPD attack against anti-Vietnam protesters in Century City (Los Angeles). It was a violent attack on peaceful protesters, many of whom were middle- and upper-middle-class professional people (as opposed to the students and hippies who usually made up the majority of people at such events), which made it front page news for a few weeks. Here’s a useful link:

Now: does *anyone* know who the artist was?

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