A Graceful image

One of the great things about the Monotype Corporation was the advertising they produced. Take this example to promote Century Schoolbook – some creative genius at the company decided to use an image of WG Grace, with this resulting tri-fold sheet tipped into a volume of Penrose. (Regular readers of this blog will know by now how much I love those volumes.) Century Schoolbook, as stated by Monotype in accompanying literature, originated in 1894, being commissioned by Theodore L de Vinne for the Century Magazine. ‘The letterforms reflect the taste for the modern face of the late 19th century, but the design is nearer to the old styles in having sturdier serifs and no fine hair lines…The large x-height, coupled with short but adequate descenders, makes it very legible in the smaller sizes, and in the larger sizes it takes on a clean, handsome appearance, uncluttered in extraneous detail.’

For the record WG Grace (1848-1915) scored 126 individual centuries in first class cricket. He retired from competition in 1908, aged 60.

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