History of Lettering Thoughts on lettering Typographic ephemera typography

Turning Two

This blog turned two on November 2. On that date a record number of ‘hits’ were recorded – more than 500. I would like to think this due to the anniversary, but I think that unlikely. Whatever, I thank regular readers for returning time and time again to see what whimsy has been dragged from the typographic archives on my shelves. As well I thank the infrequent visitor for passing by, as down a street one has never visited but looks kind of interesting. For those who stumble upon this blog for the first time, there are now 320 entries, ranging from graphic design to stone carving, from the history of typography to the future of the printed book. Take a moment from your busy lives to dwell a moment, to rummage. I think of this blog as a library, one of those bricks and mortar libraries one went to as a kid and roamed around and picked up books at random and found them fun.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

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