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Slate arsed

A curiosity. But clearly not carved by the ‘artist’. Thanks to a comment from a reader of this blog please follow this link to an earlier post on Ian Hamilton Finlay, who really knew how to exploit the medium – and in a far more intelligent manner.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

2 replies on “Slate arsed”

I find a lot of the work of Seb Lester very interesting. This leaves a lot to be desired. The connection to poetry and word is rather rudimental. It is determined by a predominance of aesthetics. The irritation turns into a thing in itself. This is clear to me, by the fact that the letter cutter is not called. Really impressive and rewarding is the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay in this respect.

Yes agree – provocation easily bores. I have written about Finlay before. Please do a search and you will discover. Kind regards John

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