Signwriting: revival everywhere

Back in June I posted a brief item about signwriting based on a photo of a couple of guys I noticed hard at work in my  town here in Australia (see here)Gilpin signwriting

I was delighted last night to catch on the local news a brief item about the work of a signwriter down in Newcastle, Australia by the name of Brett Piva. Check out this documentary movie. (You may also like to check out some of my past blogs on the subject.)

The reason give for the renewed interest in signwriting? It’s a reaction against: the non-creativity  of laser/vinyl printing etc; the desire to see the human touch and spirit; the  movement against conformity and sameness everywhere. This feeds into any kind of lettering – be in stone or on paper.

I’m greatly encouraged. Indeed Edward Catich, were he alive today, would have been delighted, since he  started off as a Chicago signwriter before he pursued research on Roman inscriptions that led to his marvellous and, still relevant, The Origin of the Serif.

Note – the illustration is taken from Lewery, A.J. (1989). Signwritten Art. David and Charles, London and shows the work of a Cumbrian (UK) tradesman.

4 replies on “Signwriting: revival everywhere”

Yes. Yes. YES! I rejoice with you! Isn’t it like meeting a familiar friend.
I thought of you whilst in NYC and have a pic of some exquisite stone carving. I’ll try to send a photo.
There is a revival here in So. California of the scripted word – calligraphy, hand writing, hand lettering. I’m having a great deal of work coming my way, as well as teaching the Classic Roman Italic hand. (And learning Gothicized Italic from a Master.)



Thanks for the post and wonderful to hear of the great news coming out of California. Do send a photo if possible and all the best on your studies.

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