eric gill

Harry Ransom Center – call for fellowships

I note that the Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin, is advertising a new round of fellowships (closing date January 31). The centre is home to The Eric Gill Collection:

“The Eric Gill Collection (1894-1940) comprises works representing most of the life’s work of the artist’s career as a carver, illustrator, printer, and type designer. The largest part of the collection is the print collection with over 4200 objects. There are also 530 drawings not relating to the prints, and 30 carvings and sculptures. The collection was acquired for the most part in 1963 from the collectors Mr. and Mrs. S. Samuels. The Ransom Center published the catalogue The Eric Gill Collection of the Humanities Research Center: a Catalogue in 1982, which describes most of the collection and has a few illustrations. A copy is in the Ransom Center library.”

There is much still to be researched about this man’s life and times, especially from a comparative viewpoint. Interested – individual scholars are welcome to apply? Go to:


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