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Such poor typography, such poor design

This is truly appalling. The company behind this atrocity is The Coffee Club. How many indiscretions can you make out? It starts with the miserable lower case w, is exacerbated by the clumsy joining of the h and the m (this is most definitely the work of someone not trained in typography), and crowned by the (deliberate?) religious cross of the lc t. I will not even go there with the question mark, of which it must go down as probably the weakest example since moveable type was set rolling. Let me lay myself down in a darkened room….(Can a reader advise as to the name of this monstrosity of a font.)

coffee club signage


PS – there are many other issues with this signage. Feel free to add your comments. It might make a good assignment for a first year graphic design course: “In no more than 1000 words indicate the faults in this piece of typography and indicate how you would improve it”.

4 replies on “Such poor typography, such poor design”

Hi again….

I’m certainly not defending this crime against humanity but I think the reasoning behind this monstrosity of a sign is that it literally makes you look at it simply in order for you mind to make out just what on earth it is saying – a cheap ploy I know, but in the ‘business is war’ modern day outlook it seems that companies will sink to any level in order to lever an edge on the competition. Of course they could simply sell the best coffee… but then we are wandering into the sad world of bean counters (if you’ll forgive the pun) and I’m sure neither one of us want to go there!
You are doing a stellar job by the way in drawing people’s (7 second) attention span to such wanton disregard the time honored professional standards set by the brilliant typographers of the past. Just think what an annoying world it would be if this sort of garbage became the norm – or perhaps it is. I can just imagine the response of someone born in the cyber age even trying to get their head around the subtle notions you invay in your spot-on criticism of such abysmal signage.
The thing is though – and the point I am getting at is… do you think this was the result of supreme ignorance or as I am inclined to guess… a deliberate ploy on the part of a typographer who has sold his soul to the devil?

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