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Two images leapt out at me today while browsing typography now, the next wave (North Light Books, 1994 pbk edition). BarnbrookThe first one of machine-generated stone carving (naturally, being a stone carver); the second a font called Prototype, this because the illustration stated it was an amalgam of other typefaces including Perpetua and Bembo.

At the time I did not note the connection and it was only a few moments ago when reading Brnbrook’s entry in Typography, when who how (Konemann, 1998) that I came to realise he was behind both.

Barnbrook_0001Thanks Jonathan and merry christmas /happy new year (if you celebrate that is).

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3 replies on “Barnbrook”

Hi, don’t suppose you know how the slate was actually engraved? It says they’re machine generated? Really nice pieces. Just wondering as I work with text and slate myself so was intrigued.

Hi – thanks for the question. I assume it means that the piece was cut using the CND method, as used by commercial stonemasons throughout the world. In other words, the design is set on computer before being etched or sandblasted (also very high pressure water jets can be used) on the face of the stone. Effective but allowing no human input that comes from hand-carved lettering. Check out some of my posts on hand-lettering….Happy new year by the way.

Ah right cheers, they’re nice pieces either way. I actually did a short hand carving course over the summer and enjoyed it although I’m still pretty crap, unsurprisingly after only 10 weeks. I’m currently doing an MA so have access to a laser cutter and have been using that to interesting effect. Hand carving is still something I want to pursue in my work though. Anyway, thanks for the reply, much appreciated. And a Happy New Year to you as well!

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