lettering sculpture

Michael Snape and cut lettering into metal

In Brisbane, Australia, last weekend. Having parked the car in an underground park on the South Bank (this information strictly for those who know Brisbane – a wonderful city with a thriving arts culture – so definitely worth a visit when you are over this way [this is not a paid for advert by the way] ) I notice this sculpture. Michael Snape sculpture

I am drawn, of course, by the lettering cut into  the surface I assume by a welding torch. The piece is tucked away in this location and really does need to breathe in the open air – this would also assist with trying to read the inscription, which, as you can see, is long.

Snape sculpture A23

I made out the words printing press. Thank you Mr Snape. But no thanks to the municipal authorities or whoever for, having presumably commissioned such a piece, gave it the insult of this subterranean setting. For more on Michael Snape click Michael Snape

2 replies on “Michael Snape and cut lettering into metal”

This work was one of two works made by me and purchased for the Brisbane Exhibition Building more than twenty years ago. I tried to locate them when I was in Brisbane last year, fruitlessly.
(Nice photo from above. I would love to post that on my website.)
Sometimes a mediocre work finds a great home. Other times a great work wanders unhappily. That work was one of the first poem sculptures I made and sits relative to later work.
Thank you for making your comments. Very timely.

Michael Snape

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Hi Michael – only just found your post as it was tucked away in the spam for some reason (or is the WordPress robot trying to tell us something?) Please feel free to copy the images – or can send you a higher resolution one – I may even have a couple of others. Best wishes John

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