Christmas Quiz 2015

In reviving a ‘tradition’ that was first launched in 2012 (see here), may I first of all wish those loyal, and new, readers a safe, relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free (is that possible?) holiday season wherever you may be. Take time out and take time to reflect.

Okay – here is the photo: can you name what this is and what machine it belongs to? There is no prize – just the quiet adulation that comes from being one of the few able to recall pre-digital technology (now, that was a clue). I will give the answer to those suffering sleepless nights in the first week of January 2016. And – no Googling. Not that it will do you any good mind.

Now what is this assemblage of pipes…it is not an organ
Now what is this assemblage of pipes…it is not an organ

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

One reply on “Christmas Quiz 2015”

Well, I missed the quiz in all the busy year-end blah blah, but I began my graphic arts career using something like this for typesetting… 1970? (A small mom-and-pop shop hired me on, and I did everything pre-press, everything up to putting plates on the press.) I’d type something, then do something to justify, flush left, center, flush right the copy, then do something else – click? press? – for the machine to print out the galleys of type. Those would be cut and pasted onto cropped-out layout boards, and shot on a huge camera. I wish I could remember the names of all this wonderfully genius equipment. The negatives were then stripped onto big reddish-orange sheets of gridded blockout paper and burned onto printing plates.
All to say, yes, had I seen your Christmas Quiz 2015, I would’ve won. But, I probably would not have been able to give it a name?!
See Velox Revisited
The best to you this fine and hopeful year!

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