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The difference a sign makes

Street signage is all about readability, about ensuring the viewer/motorist understands the pictogram. When UK road signs were being redesigned in the 1960s by Calvert and Kinnier there was a clear imperative to ensure there was no ambiguity. However, some 50 plus years later in Australia I encounter these, minus hands and feet:

How much more satisfying is this, with both hands and feet – anatomically perfect!

Road sign with feet
Children about: fully armed and legged.


6 replies on “The difference a sign makes”

Thank you John, for posting this article to remind our safety.

In order to answer these three difficult questions, I must confess that I have to finish the whole pack of cheetos plus two sodas, in the hope it would boost the energy for my thinking. It took me almost half day to find the answer but the good thing is that I finally got the answers after I finished cheetos. Hip hip hooray!

Here we go,

1. For the public safety, I suggest the Department of Transportation could adopt some non-reflective materials for the sign, in the light of public safety.

2. The light reflects back when a vehicle with lights on, therefore I assumed the sign that combines the figure and letters is to provide the dual reminding and alertness for the drivers.

3. And why does the figure on the sign with no feet? I think this is to kindly remind pedestrians to watch their steps, and also to warn the driver of the vehicles that the pedestrians could not run as fast as their cars.

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