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America is back

Diplomacy is back – and if that don’t work there’s always the battleship.

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And now to his own charioteer each man gave orders to hold his horses in place, in good order, there by the ditch, while they themselves, on foot, arrayed in their battle gear, charged. An unquenchable clamor filled the early morning as they got in line by the ditch ahead of their charioteers, who advanced a little behind them. This fearsome uproar was stirred up amongst them by Kronos’s son: from the heights of the airy sky he sent down raindrops dripping with blood, a sign of all the brave heads he’d soon dispatch to Hades.

The Iliad, Book 11, 47-55 [translated Peter Green, UCP, 2015]. Chosen at random.

By John Pitt

Artist and Creative

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