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Something rather late for the weekend

Another ad from the Library of Advertising. (If you missed the first see here)

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Something early for the weekend – brand and graphic design

A delightful ad taken from The Library of Advertising,vol 7, Lay-out and Commercial Art, by Charles C Kinights, published 1932.

Lovely titling, wonderful graphic.

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Sad signage

When you look around you see many signs out there that should have been replaced years, decades ago. This is an example on a block of flats/apartments not far from where I live in Australia. Obviously put there when the units were first built and then forgotten. If I had the will I would get a ladder and pull it down myself. It is an insult to the typographic sensitive spirit!

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Gentle reminder – typography poll ends soon

The typography poll ends at midnight, December 31. Thank you for those who have voted so far.

For reasons beyond me the sans serifs still lead.

Grateful thanks to the Bodoni voter and I intend to post a piece on Bodoni in the next few days.

As for Comic Sans. Well, that must be a joke.

Comedy Humour

Christmas cheer – English humour at its best

Nothing to do with typography – just rollicking fun.