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i-D magazine – birthday time

i-D is a British based design/fashion mag that’s 30 years old. Cause for celebration. This is a link to an article posted on the Financial Times website that might have gone unnoticed. (I used to work at the FT so have an old-fashioned regard for the paper.)

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Super R’s

Taken from Baseline, a magazine published by Esselte Letraset in the early 1990s. This from the 1990 edition (I think – can’t find a date). The first is a woodletter, so big that I can’t fit it all on the scanner (the magazine’s page size is 265mm by 355mm) and comes from c1865.

The next from Felice Feliciano of Verona, about 1460. Magnificent! Finally an old friend – Albertus.









Typographic ephemera typography

Typographic ephemera – Q

This found today, a sticker on a pallet. 

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Full article from Monotype Recorder on LNER typeface reforms

This is the full article from the Winter 1933 edition. It is a PDF to be downloaded. If you encounter any problems please let me know.

LNER article