Sculptural work

This page illustrates some of my sculptural work. It only shows pieces made since settling in Australia, June 2004 – my work in the UK does not have an accessible digital presence, though I have images of many of the works. Also search for sculptural lettering in the main section for pieces that are inspired  by and incorporate carved lettering.

I have returned [May-June 2020] to carving from small sections of sandstone, human torsos, of which this is one. It’s c20cm tall.

A small recycled sculpture, this time from what was a circle of green marble [Taiwanese] that had originally been a cheese board, and a scrap of Australian sandstone [40cm x 30cm] – made during Covid-19, May 2020:

Untitled [chequered]]
Recycled Taiwanese marble and Australian sandstone, 30cmx40cm.
Recycled sandstone and Horton green limestone [the stones had been previously carved and this is a reworking – 35cmx30cmx30cm] – also made during the Covid-19 self-isolation period, April 2020: Untitled [eye see you]. Awarded Highly Commended, Border Art Prize 2020.

Sculpture in limestone

Artist\’s Statement for Untitled [eye see you].

It’s been a strange and forbidden few months, and I too was under lockdown when I started this piece. I had some stone in the yard, separate pieces made many, many years ago [one in the UK] and discarded. Unable to locate fresh supplies, I took the two pieces, one white sandstone, the other a green/brown limestone, and began to sculpt, with no clear idea where this might take me and, more importantly, the stone. As the piece developed I saw shapes emerge, and drew on inspiration from previous work, especially the use of copper and the ‘space’ through the stone: the eye [think Hepworth]. What you have before you is a synthesis of decades of work, crystallised in a moment in time, your time. Untitled [eye see you] is a metaphor for our times. Do we? Could we? Will we?

Having a long fascination with space flight I constructed a series of rocket ships [called Amazing Rocket Ships] out of waste materials. Here is one. Guess its origin. [22cm tall.]

Spanish Lady Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship and Spanish Lady

This piece, Sea Fugue, is from unidentified wood salvaged from a beach on the east coast of Australia in June 2014, left to dry then carved in December 2014. (44in x 12in x 9in.) [Note – this piece ‘fell apart’ due to rot and infestation of ants, March 2020. The fate of us all.]


There are times when lettering is not enough, when a stone beckons with another voice. So it was with this piece.

Flashing fishThe sandstone (from Queensland, Australia) has lain in my garden many years. I picked it up one day, rectangular in form and placed it on the bench. To my mind I saw a fish and, though I had never carved one before, felt a compulsion. It came to being as the weeks went by. Then I used gold for the tail (only on one side as I did not have enough for both) and patinated copper for the base. The piece has energy, nicely displayed in the late afternoon light. I’m content. I think this fish may swim eternally.

Head [do you stare at me?]. Sandstone. (12in x 7in x 6in on wood base.)

Head of man 2

Head of a man

Sandstone (whereabouts unknown, 9in by 9in.)


Slate on a limestone base. Made in the UK and shipped for exhibition in Sydney in 2004. Current location unknown. About 2ft sq.

2015 blue true 2

A Blue True Dream of Sky [complete]
This is an archive photo of the complete sculpture in two parts.

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