Miscellaneous writing

Seaborne: ever more

For Alfred Wallis, who drew and painted without ever moving from his native Cornwall in the English west.

My thoughts turned to Wallis after reading about the Ever Given stuck in the Suez, with economists tearing their hair out at the prospect of gaz-illions being lost in trade – mostly trade in stuff we don’t need.

Wallis painted on left over scraps: he couldn’t afford much. But he knew the sea and he knew boats and he knew the people who sailed the boats and he painted what he saw, what he remembered.

I was thinking about Alfred Wallis after I had been thinking about John Skelton and after I’d been thinking about David Jones, both of whom you’ll find mention elsewhere in this blog if you search.

I’d also been thinking of Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, which has modest collections of Wallis and Jones, through the zeal of Jim Eade.