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Leave the gold behind (forget the frankincense and myrrh)

It’s Christmas Eve. A present has to be finished. This a sandstone bowl on a tripod (stainless steel pins). I need to apply gold leaf to the hollow. In books on ‘how to apply gold leaf’ pages are laboriously written about having to have brushes made from the neutered backside of a Patagonian beaver (better still badger), or some such exotic animal. Then one must have a leather cushion on which to careful ‘breathe’ the leaf – the exquisite leaf. There must be the scent of oils, the sound of birds singing, and one must, of course, be a monk, aesthetic, a Franciscan perhaps. Tush. I use an old paint brush and take the leaf (24 carat) in my fingers. Okay, I break every rule but it works. Happy Christmas.


Smallest Christmas Card

A seasonal offering. Follow this link which explains how boffins at Glasgow Uni used nanotechnology to produce what they claim as the world’s smallest Christmas Card, including lettering.


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Typography poll

Pre-Christmas Quiz: Please vote on what you consider to be the most influential typeface of the 20th century from this list – or feel free to choose your own.


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Typography & the paper bag – even more

In recent posts I have shown some examples. This one I have to show quick cause my wife, who has recently been to NY wants the bag back (in case it gets dusty in my workroom she says). It’s from the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and is in what type face…..? Answers on a postcard and the winner gets a Candy Cane just because it is Christmas. [Clue – look at the capital A.]