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Plain paper packaging – Australia style

I am not a smoker. At least not now. I gave up when I was in my 30s. These images are from packets I have found on the kerbside, in the road, in waste-paper baskets. This is the Australian response to cigarette advertising. The so-called ‘plain paper packaging’ response. The campaign has been nominated for a graphics award. See here. But this is so more important than any award. Is the campaign working in Australia? Too early to tell. People will still smoke. That is their democratic right.

Warning – some readers may find these images challenging.

[Note from Feb 25 2013 : The packaging is now up for a design award. See here.]

plain paper packaging_0001 plain paper packaging_0002 plain paper packaging_0003 plain paper packaging_0004 plain paper packaging_0005 plain paper packaging_0006 plain paper packaging