Comedy Humour Miscellaneous writing

Six dancers dancing

Six dancers dancing, kicking up the dust.

Six dancers dancing, kicking up their heels.

Dance in the new year.

Dance with glee.

Dance in the new year.

Do it well.

Six dancers dancing, all will be well.

Six dancers dancing, there’s a story to tell.

Whatever this year brings,

It will come whatever we feel.

So dance with the dancers,

And dance with gleee.

c John pitt/ 2022

Miscellaneous writing

Lost at sea

Some boats set out on voyage never to return to their home port. The captain, officers and deckhands, unaware of their fate, do not look back as their loved ones cheer and wave from the quayside.

This vessel may be lost. The memory of the sailors will haunt their families and loved ones back home.

It is a sad tale. Yet it is a story that has been written countless times.

Watch those white sails carefully.

Yours may be the last. Wish them safe passage.

c John Pitt / 2021