Back from a break – signwriters at work

It’s been a while since the last post (four months). I will ease myself in gently with this photo of men at work painting a sign. The craft of sign writing is alive and well here in Australia. For those interested another post can be found on signwriting here.

closing down

Elements of Lettering

Christmas Quiz No 1

What is the machine being used and what is going on? Both parts need to be correct…(clue, what is the hand doing?)

Lettering Quiz 2012



Something essentially random

From a screen shot when a website did not respond. It is poetic.

Thoughts on lettering Typographic ephemera

WOW, it’s the weekend

Piece of sculptural lettering for your weekend pleasure. By Midge Johnansen (Qld, Australia), exhibited at the Swell Sculpture Show, September 2012. Dimensions: 2.4mx1mx6m. Made from plywood and painted.

Sculptural lettering

Typographic ephemera typography

Something novel for the weekend

Found in the October 1967 of the Monotype Newsletter 82, with no commentary. Does it really need any?


Brand design Typographic ephemera

Something unisex for the weekend

Signage is everything. In a global world signs communicate where language ends, much like the frescoes in a medieval church. This comes not from a church yet it is just as powerful. More than that, it is something we all need, daily. (Taken, east coast Australia.)

eric gill

Mr Rene Hague

I surprise even myself with some of the things I turn up in old notebooks and journals. Such was the joy of the analogue age when one tore reports from the daily newspaper and tucked them away – waiting, in this instance, 31 years before resurfacing. Those who follow my posts on Gill will find this of interest. The Times obituary writer has a nice turn of phrase: ‘Intellectually, however, he was never dominated by the patriarchal Gill…’

Typographic ephemera

Something anonymous for this August weekend

Taken from The Art of Lettering by Albert Kapr (1983), K.G.Saur, Munchen – English translation from the original first published 1971. The design is attributed to a US graphic artist. The date on the man’s helmet is June 23, 1967. Anyone have a clue what this poster is about?

lettering Typographic ephemera

Word clocks

A bit of a plug for a guy who lives in Australia who I have not met nor have I one of his clocks (yet). I came across his work in a magazine and thought it so good I wanted to pass the message on. Have a look at

Humour lettering Typographic ephemera

Something chalky for the weekend

Continuing a tradition that began way back and has been discontinued a while…this seen locally (by which I mean the east coast of Australia) and entirely hand-drawn. Not much else to add, except, enjoy your weekend wherever you may be, and remember that the Olympics in London begin this time next week. I shall have something to write about that soon. (But do I write that so I may got more viewers? Not a chance. I will only be writing about the 1948 games and showing [shewing] some advertising from that period.) This blog, as I hope you now appreciate, is anything but predictable.