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An ideogram or an idiotgram

There are many objections one might raise to this ideogram seen recently in a supermarket car park on the eastern seaboard of Australia, and that’s before comment on the appalling execution. But the main one is that the artist clearly has no idea about prams – or parenthood.

It is common knowledge surely that a child in a pram faces the adult, unlike here that’s more typical of a buggy. Which is where I move to next – prams are few and far between these days (at least on the eastern seaboard of Australia; perhaps not so in Sloane Square, London or Manhattan, NY) whereas three-wheeled buggies are di rigueur. (So much better for taking on our wonderful beaches; so much better for skating behind along the coastal pathways.)

Our globalised world is becoming increasingly a world of ideograms. Let us not have idiots painting them.