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Brand design from the Olympics (just past)

Go Aussie. This can of Coca-Cola found, discarded, illustrates the transience of not only an event but of a font…

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A beautiful woman in a beautiful gown, smoking

Such was the advertising art of the late 1940s (post-war) from which this advert is drawn. How an industry has been destroyed in a couple of generations. I place it in this blog for it is a piece of whimsy, and also forms part of our social history when beautiful women in beautiful gowns were called on by the men of advertising to promote the art of smoking. At least she is using a cigarette holder, the better for her pose no doubt. The illustration comes from a book I picked up for a couple of dollars at a jumble sale (boot fair) called Future Books, vol 3 (undated but possibly 1946-7).