Miscellaneous writing

High ladder

I walked for many days in the direction I was told and came to a vantage spot where, in the further distance, I could see floating in the air a ladder soaring through the clouds. This must be the place, but the ladder is too high for me to climb. Perhaps I will wait a while and see if someone descends. If there is someone up above the clouds surely they will need to return to the earth at some point if only for the bathroom? I will go find a spot to sleep, make a camp and keep watch.

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c John Pitt, 2022

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Comedy Miscellaneous writing

Conversation across water

Can you hear me?

Yes I can. Loud and clear.

What’s it like over there?

Very pleasant. What about where you are?

It’s OK.

We should do tea.

Why yes. That would be a lovely idea.

Why don’t you come over.

I don’t have a boat.

You could build one.

I don’t have any trees to fell. My island is barren.

Mine is too. I suppose one of us will have to swim.

I can’t swim.

Come to think of it, I never learnt either.

That’s a shame.

Perhaps if a ship comes by we could ask it to stop?

That’s a great idea. You are full of wonderful ideas.

I am.

But how?

We will light a fire.

We have no wood.

You have a point. Then we will wave at it. Someone will see us.

What if it is night time?

You have many questions.

I do.

When you have some answers let me know. Until then, Goodbye.

c John Pitt / 2021

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