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Fournier flowers

I love Fournier. I used the Monotype Fournier for one of the books printed by The Beeches Press, my private press based in Bromley, back in the 1990s. This is a specimen sheet of flowers printed at The Workshop Press, date unknown, but probably also in the 1990s. [The titling is Perpetua by the way.]




Thoughts on lettering

About me

My name is John Pitt. I live on the eastern seaboard of Australia in a tiny town called Terranora. I am British by birth and learnt lettercarving in the UK from a number of masters.

I have been a lettercarver, on and off, for about 20 years and been commissioned by architects, public institutions and individuals. But there is always something new to learn, to discover.

I also write.

Years ago I ran a private press, The Beeches Press, and published a few books letterpress, using a Monotype keyboard and caster and a Western proofing press.

None of them remain in print!