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Another history

From The Odyssey, Book 8 [235-255]

The crowd was silent, but Alcinous said: “Sir, you have expressed, with fine good manners, your wish to show your talents, and your anger at that man who stood up in this arena and mocked you, as no one who understands how to speak properly would ever do. Now listen carefully, so you may tell your own fine friends at home when you are feasting beside your wife and children, and remember our skill in all the deeds we have accomplished from our forefathers’ time till now. We are not brilliant at wrestling or boxing, but we are quick at sprinting, and with ships we are the best. We love the feast, the lyre, dancing and varied clothes, hot baths and bed. But now let the best dancers of Phaecia perform, so that our guest may tell his friends when he gets home, how excellent we are at seafaring, at running, and at dancing and song. Let someone bring the well-tuned lyre from inside for Demodocus – go quickly!”

translated Wilson, M [2018] Norton, NY.

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