Paul Piech: ‘expressing pity with a knife’

paul piech

The artist as political/poetical campaigner. (When I typed political it came out wrong and predictive software suggested poetical, which I think suitable in this case.) Piech was born in the US and died in Wales, UK (1920-1996). The illustrations here are taken from Penrose of 1976 and show the man’s creativity in linocut, with free lettering. His press, his private press, was called the Taurus Press. The poster on Nixon is a masterpiece – the man holds a microphone as if a sceptre, the ’emperor’ laid bare from his wire-tapping (Watergate). Piech worked quickly, hence the spelling mistake (last line), yet there is energy here, and we will do well to remember that.

paul piech 3

paul piech 2