In a book as old as me…

Actually, this blog begins with the Puffin Picture Book, Printing by Harold Curwen, and published in 1948.

From this I went to the Penrose of 1957 (which gives me the title) and an essay there by Noel Carrington, editor of the Puffin series. He writes that the series was conceived on the foundation of ‘hand-drawn lithography….because initial costs [could] be kept sufficiently low for the books to be sold at sixpence’. Pause in awe…

eric gill lettering printing

Gill has his cake – and eats it

This document reproduced here is remarkable for a number of reasons: It is the only known example I have of something printed letterpress by Hague and Gill at their High Wycombe printing studio; it was written just a few short years before Gill’s death; it’s also typical Gillesque. Set in Bunyan it is well worth a read, whatever your opinion of Gill the man.