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Something essentially typographic for the weekend

This cover is from Graphics World magazine, dated Nov/Dec 1988. The designer was Phil Baines, about whom click here for more. 1988 was an interesting period with computer typography still in its infancy. The issue notes in its editorial: ‘…fuelled by advances in computer technology which promise (even if they do not always deliver) to bring the process of typesetting completely within the designer’s control, typography is firmly back in fashion’. Twenty-five years later, is that still the case do you think?

History of Lettering

Phil Baines, Robin Nicholas, Nimrod and Monotype

Phew. A lot of names in the title. But this illustration brings them all together. I bought this poster from Monotype in the late 1980s/early 1990s. It measures 61cm by 91cm, was designed by Baines and printed on a Monotype Lasercomp. It is one of a series, and I have others to delight you.