Brand design lettering

Beck, H.C

Henry Beck and the London Underground map. Enough said. Yesterday I was writing about Studio Vista books, and after writing that post I pulled out another of their issue, Graphics Handbook by Ken Garland, published in 1966. It’s a long time since I had looked inside so I was pleased to find this photo of Beck opposite the title page. It’s undated but from the look of Beck was probably taken towards the end of his life (he died in 1974 – not really that long ago: I was already in my late teens). I wonder what he is thinking. He doesn’t look that pleased to be photographed – probably happier doing a spot of gardening or weeding (an assumption – I know nothing of the man) rather than being asked to pose. Yet as the caption states “we are all in debt for this pioneering (and much emulated) work in the field of graphic design”. [Note – the photo I find from a quick search on Google is 1965 and copyright Garland.]

History of Lettering

Modern graphics – well, modern that is in 1969

If you read a recent post about space age technology read on. (If not please click here.) This title page is from one of those wonderful Studio Vista paperbacks, popular particularly in the late 60s and 70s (maybe 80s too). The typography is characteristic again of that time, that particular time when space travel was real and humankind knew no obstacles to progress. No wonder it looks so dated. Is there anything comparable for the 70s to the 2-tens? Please let me know.