lettering, typography, alphabets, stonework

Still Point… lettercarving

Polished marble, at 60cm x 50cm, infilled with grey acrylic. Text from TS Eliot. [Carver – J Pitt, July 2011.]

lettering, typography, alphabets, stonework

Still point – work in progress

This shows a carving at the earliest stage – sketched direct on to the stone today. The piece is 48cm by 60cm, limestone. Usually the design is drawn on to paper and then transferred. Here I show the imperfections as well as the spontaneity of creation.

The quote is from TS Eliot. I have carved this a few times in my career.

Thoughts on lettering

Typeface recognition needed – and answered Albertus!

Today I visited a second-hand bookshop near to where I live. Unfortunately it is closing soon so they are having a fire sale. All stock is 75 per cent off.

I stumbled across some beauties. That’s the wonderful thing about actually visiting a bookstore rather than virtual browsing on ABE – you never know what you might.

And among the pile of books I bought was one by a mid 20th century British poet, Louis MacNeice, who I collect off and on. He was a mate of Auden’s (him with the grizzled face) and wrote some great stuff, particularly in the build up to the second world war. He was trained in the classics and spent a lot of his working life at the BBC. As now poets have to earn a living somehow.

faber and faber published his work (along with many of the leading poets of the time – TS Eliot was a director, so understandably had a preference for poetry).

The books are always presented in a distinctive typographic manner Рthe covers especially  Рand this one is no exception. Take a look.

What I would like to know is does anyone know the typeface. The name is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite get it out…

I particularly like the use of the lower case n.

I knew it Рcame to me today Рthe typeface is Albertus, designed by Berthold Wolpe.

Here it is in all its beauty